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Removal of Phone Kit Holes

  Unfortunately when I obtained the car someone had decided it was a good idea to screw a car kit cradle to the centre console! Trouble is as you can see its left four holes on the passenger side of the trim. This I had sent off to a dash repair guy who managed to get rid of them and now you'll never know they were there.  

Auxiliary Gauges

  As this is a later car, its fitted with a 10 disc CD changer in the boot & the area under the standard stereo was blanked off (early cars had a single CD unit here). Here I thought would be ideal to add a boost gauge & battery voltage gauge but I didn't want them to look "aftermarket". I came up with the idea of finding some gauges that matched those in the car. My search led me to some ISSPRO items sourced from America. These have pretty much the same style needles & are backlit just like the Carton dash. These I then mounted in a Calibra front bezel & made a bracket in alloy to affix them to the Carlton dash. This can easily be removed at any point & will leave no marks on the dash should it ever need to be reverted back to standard.  

Dashboard Shots

  These pictures show the new gauges mounted in the car & also show what they look like when the lights are turned on at night. As you can see they look pretty much 'spot-on' as if it came from the factory like this. I also managed to obtain a blanking panel (used on Lotus Carlton's to cover up the area for headlight height adjusting switch) that had no alarm LED's or immobiliser units cut into it (which is normally the case). I then moved the alarm LED in the car to the steering column shroud (a non Lotus part).  

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