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Here's a list of Lotus Carlton/Omega Parts currently available  for sale. 

If you are interested in any parts click on the item to e-mail the seller.

Mechanical Parts

Under piston oil spray assembly
Block (minor surface cracks from 3 of the head bolt holes across to nearby water ways - not
near any oil ways. Otherwise in excellent condition. Not cracked around the main oil way / non return valve as sometimes happens. Has been MPI inspected across the block surface, these are the only cracks. Should be re-useable or make a good spare
Lower inlet/injector manifold
Exhaust elbow (connecting piece to rear turbo)
Turbo water feed piping
Turbo water return piping
Turbo oil feed piping
Turbo oil drain pipes (both)
Charge cooler metal water pipes (both)
Complete engine wiring loom (lotus engine loom not part of the main car wiring)
Exhaust down pipes and cats (both)
Thermostat housing, inc thermostat and temp sensors

Clutch hydraulic piping
Bell housing (repaired)

Front strut top plates
Front lower control arms / wishbones (both)
Rear trailing arms (both)
Rear sub-frame
Front sub-frame
Steering box
Front hubs / steering knuckle (both)
Power steering pipes (most available)
Power steering tank

Complete Car wiring Loom (inc alarm ECU & door pins etc) ______100
Handbrake Lever Assembly______10
Handbrake Cable______5
ABS ECU (0265 103 034) (26300895) ______15
D/Side Front Shock Absorber with top mount & wheel hub______100
P/Side Front Shock Absorber with top mount & wheel hub______100
Rear Sub-frame Wishbone D/Side with hub & track control arm______100
Rear Sub-frame Wishbone P/Side with Driveshaft, hub & track control arm______100
D/Side Driveshaft______50
P/Side Driveshaft______50
LHD Steering box and center rack______60
LHD Air con pipework and condenser______35
Amal Valve & Electric Water Pump Valve______45
Black Cylindrical Bottle (Vent Pipe) with Petrol Cap Release Solenoid______20
Charge Cooler Radiator Pipes______10

Bodywork Parts

Complete set (4) Upper gutter rail window strips (colour coded) ______45
Rear Panel (P/Side) Air Vents (x2)______5
Vent Switch in Rear Panel with One Way Valve & petrol flap solenoid______25
Rubber air deflectors around air box pick up pipe______5
Oil Cooler Plastic Cover D/S______25

Interior Parts

Rear shelf with sunblind
C pillar covers

Boot Arch D/Side Carpet______5
Boot Arch P/Side Carpet______5
Carpet Behind Rear Seat (bulkhead covering) ______5
Boot Liner (First Aid Kit Access) ______5
A-pillar inner cover (D side) ______10
'Lotus Omega' Kick Strips (D & P Side) ______90
Front Seat Rail Covers (D & P Side) ______5 
Rear Head Rest fittings (x4) ______10
LHD Passenger side Dash UnderCover______5 
Steering Column Surround______5
Genuine Lotus Carpet Rear Overmats (x2) ______50



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