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Initial Pics of 817G

  I found out about this car from a friend in the Vauxhall Sports Car Club who phoned saying that he heard there was a Lotus Carlton in a local salvage yard. After a number of phone calls a deal was agreed for me to buy the car. Problem was the shell could not be removed from their premises as it had a crushing order. So because of the distance this meant I would have to travel up & remove the parts I wanted in a day. With that in mind myself, two friends & Dad took on the task....  

Before Stripping

  I have absolutely no idea what happened for the car to end in this state but needless to say it had certainly been rolled ! The only bodywork part that was not damaged was the drivers side wing mirror  & amazingly enough all the suspension and wheels were also ok. The first 3 pictures here and the 5 above show the car before we started but the 4th & 5th pictures show the start of dismantling  

Engine Removal

  Here's the engine & gearbox being removed from the car. Once this was done & the interior had been removed it was easier to put the car on its side to remove some underside parts.  

Parts Removal

  Eventually we decided it was easier to push the car onto its roof to remove the suspension parts. The last two pictures show what's left of inside following removal of the interior.  

Nearly Finished

  Once we finished we then pushed it back onto its floor and this is what the car looked like after our work. We did indeed manage to get everything we wanted within the day and it was very hot work !  

The End !

  The first pic shows myself, Dad & Jon "cruising for chicks" in our new car - lol. 2nd pic shows Jon, 3rd is James & 4th is me Dad. Many thanks guys, was a very funny day :-) Last pic shows the van loaded & homeward bound. Unfortunately all the parts we salvaged that day were subsequently lost in the workshop fire!  

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