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Engine 1 Last Pics

  Unfortunately after fully rebuilding the engine from 0890G, and within two weeks of having it fitted back into the car, the workshop that I was using burnt down caused by an adjacent unit catching fire and spreading throughout the whole site. Inside was the engine and all the running gear and ancillaries from the car. These are the last pictures I have of the engine before it was lost.  

Engine 1 and Gearbox last Pics

  Again more pictures of the engine before it was lost along with the gearbox.  

Engine 1 After Fire

   These are the horrid pictures of the engine you see at the top of the page. As you can see the engine is completely scrap & pretty much all the aluminium components have simply melted away. The fourth pic shows the remains of the flywheel, a turbo, starter motor & power steering pump. The fifth pic shows the gearbox.  

Engine from 0817G After Fire

  In the same workshop were ALL the parts salvaged from the car 0817G, this includes all the interior, engine, running gear, suspension and body parts. In these pics you can see what's left of the engine. In the third pic you can see the remains of the gearbox & charge cooler also. The fourth pic shows a lone calliper that survived as it was found buried under the rubble so hence not totally melted like the others.  

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