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BTB Stainless Steel Exhaust System

  Direct replacement exhaust available through BTB Exhausts. New system is now 72mm in diameter so slightly bigger than the standard system. Note no reduction in diameter on the bends either unlike the standard system.  

BTB Internal Pictures

  More pictures of the exhausts showing the internal fabrication.  

BTB Stainless Steel Downpipes

  After initially deciding not to purchase the CAT replacement BTB downpipes due to cost & the thought of smoking turbo's a second hand pair came up for sale via an Autobahnstomers club member. When comparing the two you notice no drop in diameter during the bends on the BTB items compared to the standard pipes. After giving the pipes a lick of high temperature manifold paint they look as good as new. Since being fitted I have now cut back into these downpipes the Catalytic converters due to low backpressure issues.  

Being fitted to Car

  Downpipes fitted along with the rest of the system. Note the removal of the butterfly valve which is used to speed heat the Catalysts on the standard exhaust system. Since the Catalysts have been re-fitted I have still left off the butterfly valve as I see no need to fit this back on the car.  

Fitted to Car

  More pictures of the exhaust fitted, note new heat shield fitted over the fuel lines and the central gearbox heat shield has also been re-furbished.  

Tailpipe & Heatshields

  The exhaust tail trim I sent away to be bead blasted & powder coated in a grey as close to the original colour as possible. This was then re-fitted using a stainless steel bolt. New heat shields obtained through the member in the Autobahnstormers car club.  

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