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Engine 1 Disassemble

  Engine from 890G being dismantled, as you can see bit by bit it becomes less of an engine & more of a big pile of expensive parts !!  

Engine 1 Head Off

  These pictures show the timing arrangement and the removal of the head and sump.  

Engine 1 Internals

  Bores all look ok except for No'6 which had the water issue as described here. Other pictures show the bare block & all the internals. Lotus Carlton's run a bespoke steel crankshaft, oil spray bars & uprated rods & pistons all as standard.  

Engine 1 Pistons & Rods

  Set of six rods and pistons ready for cleaning.  

Engine 2 Disassemble

  Following the loss of the engine above (as described later on this site), these are the pictures of the engine from 737D being dismantled ready for rebuild number 2. No point in taking the pictures again as they all look the same inside, so these are the only pictures I have of dismantling this engine.  

Engine 2 Head Off

  Head off and fortunately everything was fine with the cylinder bores on this engine.  

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