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Front & Rear Callipers Removed

  Callipers as they were removed from the car, years of brake dust build up and slight corrosion visible but generally in good condition.  

New Parts

  New stainless steel pistons purchased through Autabahnstomers member. You can see why the originals can seize up due to corrosion of the sealing face. New pads purchased from BG Developments & specially made stainless steel braided hoses commissioned & now available from the Brake Hose Shop.  

New Discs & Rear Assembly

  New front & rear brake discs obtained. Not fitted as yet as there is still life in the ones currently on the car. Good to know I have a spare set though as they are a) hard to come by & b) expensive !! Fitting of rear brake line & handbrake shoes also shown.  

Calliper Refurbishment

  Front & rear callipers were sent of to be bead blasted (first 2 pictures). Once returned I then painted them in an aluminium zinc based primer to stop corrosion in the future.  

Calliper Assembly

  Callipers were then painted in a aluminium coloured high temperature brake fluid resistant paint. New stainless steel pistons were fitted along with new seals. New brake pads fitted (correct Lotus compound rating)  

Final Detailing & Fitting

  As a final bit of detailing I then painted the AP lettering in a slightly darker shade of grey to make them stand out when sitting behind the wheels. Then they were fitted back to the car with the mounting brackets powder coated in black.  

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