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Engine Assemble
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Completed Pics

Bottom End

  These pictures show the assembly of the bottom end of the engine. The block had been painted in heatproof paint & the engine number re-done in white as standard. Timing case fitted showing correct orientation of hall sensor.  

Timing Chains

  Cylinder head was then re-united with the block. Stronger timing chains were also obtained through a member in the Autobahnstormer's car club. These new items can be seen against the standard items.  

Engine Assembly

  Engine starting to come together now as more and more parts are re-fitted. Here we see the inlet manifold, engine & ancillary mounts along with charge cooler water pipes being attached.  

Turbo Fitment

  Turbo manifolds & the turbo's themselves are then attached along with the corresponding water & oil braided feed & return hoses.  

Turbo's & Sump

  Further pictures showing the turbo's fully fitted. Other pictures show the sump with the baffle plates re-fitted & then being attached to the block. Rocker cover is attached in the final picture with relevant fixings  

Completed Engine

  Attachment of the flywheel & clutch arrangement along with the fitting of the bell housing are the last parts to be attached before the engine is finally ready to be re-fitted back in the car. Second time lucky !!!!  

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