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Damaged Cylinder Bore

  When purchasing 0890G I suspected that the head gasket was broken as the header tank was being pressurised when the engine had been run over a period of time. When taking the head off it was clear to see the gasket failure on cylinder No. 6. Unfortunately where water had been sitting in the chamber it also damaged the bore.  

Repair Work

  After inspecting the damage the block was effectively scrap as it required a re-bore & as LC pistons only come in one size that was out the question. The chances of getting hold of a second hand LC block (yes they are different from the GSI) was never going to happen so that wasn't an option either. Instead I managed to get the damaged cylinder sleeved with a dry liner & then re-bored back to the correct size. Now this sounds pretty simple but there's a number of factors that have to be understood which i'm not going to go into now but it all went without a hitch which was a relief.  


  Whilst the block was there I had the other bores deglazed ready for the new rings to go in & they also noticed the block was not totally flat so a light skim was carried out to ensure it was totally flat. Once returned a lick of paint was given & the pistons re-fitted.  

Damaged Chain Guides

  Upon dismantling the engine I also noticed that both the chain guides were damaged. These pictures show the damaged items & the last picture shows the straight guide against a new one for reference.  

Main Bearing Cap Failure

  When re-fitting the crankshaft I also found out that one of the main bearing caps was broken. By inspecting the crack & oil penetration in that area on the metal I can only come to the conclusion it was like this from day one, scary stuff !!! This was remedied by obtaining another suitable cap & ensuring exact tolerances were retained.  

1st set of New Turbo's

  Unfortunately all the problems that were overcome on this engine shown above were never tested back on the road as this whole engine was lost in the workshop fire explained on this site. These brand new refurbished hybrid turbo's were also lost before even being fitted. These differed from the second set in that they had Nissan 200SX T25 Inlet wheels fitted as opposed to the T28 items fitted to the 2nd set.  

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