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  The reason the car came off the road in the first place is due to the clutch pivot pin snapping which is a common problem with Lotus Carlton's. Here are the parts being removed & you can see that looking at the pin its still fastened securely in the bell housing so it certainly hadn't snapped by rattling loose.  

Parts Removed

  When you look the other side of the bell housing you can see that the pin had literally sheered in half, hence causing the failure. The other pictures show the massive dual mass flywheel found on these cars and the Corvette ZR1 based 6 speed gearbox.  

Clutch Pivot Pin

  Rather than fitting the standard pin arrangement I decided to re-design it to what I believe is a stronger design than the current item. Rather than having a hollow pin with a bolt screwing up the centre I believe a solid pin is a better option & therefore no sheer points inside created by the internal thread. I had the bell housing machined flat on either side & a new pin was made along with load spreading washers that locate & pinch tight on the bell housing.  

Clutch Pivot Pin Modifications

  To secure the pin there is now a nut on the gearbox side holding the pin in place. In order for the gearbox to fit flush the webbing needed slightly modifying to accommodate the protruding nut & washer. This is done in such a way that once the box is fitted the flat of the nut is against the casing so there is no way it can undo itself in service.  

Gearbox & Clutch

  The pivot pin was also made slightly longer to cure the very heavy clutch pedal that is normal experienced on these cars. Because of this I had to make a longer clutch master cylinder rod, this is shown in the first picture against the shorter standard item. Other pics show the cleaned & prepared gearbox along with new clutch.  


  These pics show the flywheel & clutch parts being fitted back onto the rebuilt engine. Once the engine was fitted into the car the gearbox was then re-fitted.  

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