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Rocker Cover & Spark Plug Cover

  Here is the rocker cover & spark plug cover, as you can see their covered in engine wax and in generally poor finish. To bring up to the finish shown below was a many hours hand polishing them with T-cut to reveal the darker powder coated finish seen in the pictures.  

Rocker Cover & Spark Plug Cover

  Rocker cover finished. This spark plug cover was a brand new one that I had to buy from Vauxhall as car 737D did not have one fitted. Again even with a brand new item I still T-cut the finish back to the darker powder coat look to match the rocker cover. The last picture shows the power steering crossover pipe that again I hand polished to give a chrome look.  

Fan Shroud & Power Steering Pipe

  This is the fan shroud, again its covered in a horrible engine wax so by T-cutting it back by hand brings out the nice shiny original plastic. The stickers were a bit worse for ware as well so I managed to obtain new items to replace them. The starter motor loom in the last picture was also overhauled & re-taped.  

Water Pump, Oil Pump & Timing Case

    The water pump, oil pump and timing case were all in good mechanical condition so a simple clean up job was required to bring them up to scratch.  

Chargecooler Pipes, Radiator, Thermostat & Injectors

    The two pipes in the first couple of pictures move the water from the chargecooler unit to the water pump, again a simple clean up was all that was required. The main water radiator was cleaned of debris & then sprayed with radiator paint. Last pics show the thermostat and powder coated injector rail with new injectors.  

Ignition Parts & Starter Loom

    New coil packs & board were obtained, note the 1-6 labels were also swapped across form the original units (2nd pic). These were then mounted on the chromed fixing plate. Leads from first engine being cleaned although new ones were obtained for the second engine.  

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