Engine Remove

Engine Remove
Engine Dissasemble
Engine 1 Probs
Engine Components
Engine Parts
Cylinder Head
Engine Inlet
Exhaust Turbos
Engine Assemble
Clutch & Gearbox
Completed Pics

Gearbox Remove

  The first picture showing the clutch pedal stuck to the floor is what effectively started the whole project. This was caused by the pivot pin sheering in operation & meant the first thing to be removed from the car was the gearbox & clutch assembly.  

Engine Disconnected

  It was then that I decided that the whole engine was to come out for further work, so these pictures show the dismantling of ancillary components required in order to remove the engine.  

More Engine Disconnections

  More pictures showing the disconnecting of ancillary parts & connections.  

Engine Removed

  Engine finally ready for removal.  

Engine Out Of Car

  One Lotus Carlton engine removed from the car & ready for further work to commence.........  

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