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Throttle Bodies

  These pictures show the throttle bodies. They were first disassembled & then the bodies were sent off to be bead blasted & the other components chromed. On return I smoothed the ridges from the leading edge & also matched the body to the inlet manifold so no steps are present.  

Chargecooler Polishing

  Here is the chargecooler, at first you can see that its not only covered in a horrid wax coating but also a very poor top finish. By hand polishing the unit with T-Cut brings it to a very nice powder coated finish found underneath.  

Chargecooler, Air Box Cleaning

  Here again is the chargecooler unit, like the throttle bodies the ridges have all been smoothed in the inlet & exits of the chargecooler. Also cleaning of the wax coating was carried out on the air box & the silicon boost hoses.  

Inlet Manifold Polishing

  Here is the inlet manifold, as seen above with the chargecooler unit the coating was in poor condition & covered in wax. By a lengthy process of hand polishing with T-Cut brings the underlying powder coated finish back to life. Step by step as seen in the photo's it gradually gets better with time.  

Inlet Manifold

  A few more pictures of the inlet manifold work. In addition all the inlet & exits were machined & matched to their corresponding components to leave absolutely no steps in the inlet path which will improve the gas flow through the engine.  

Matching of Inlet

  These pictures show the matching between the fuel rail & the head & also the fuel rail against the inlet manifold. The last picture shows one of the throttle bodies against the inlet manifold.  

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