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Turbo's & Manifolds From 0890G

  The Lotus Carlton runs two identical Garret T25 turbo's, the first three cylinders powering the front unit & the last three cylinders powering the second. The first three pictures here show the front turbo & the last two pictures show the rear turbo with all their relative manifolds, water & oil connections still attached.  

Turbo Units

  Here you can see the basic turbo units from 0890G with all ancillaries detached. These units were sent away to be re-furbished but were lost in the workshop fire, the pictures of the refurbished units can be seen here.  

Turbo's From 0737D

  Here you can see the basic standard turbo units from 0737D along with associated ancillaries.  

Refurbished Turbo's

  These are the pictures of the re-furbished units. The new units now include 360 degree thrust bearings, enlarged oil ways & Garrett T28 inlet wheels. The theory behind this is to retain the quick spool up of the turbo by retaining the standard exhaust wheel but flow more air higher up the rev range with the bigger inlet wheels.  

Ceramic Coated Manifolds

  In regards to the manifolds I also machined the exhaust manifold outlets that match the turbo flange to ensure there are no steps or ridges to again help airflow. These were then sent off to be ceramic coated  on both the inside & outside. This work was carried out by CAMCOAT &  benefits include retaining heat inside the manifold to aid turbo spool up & lower under bonnet temperatures. It also looks pretty smart as opposed to the rusty look of standard items.  

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