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As you can imagine all this work wasn't done in a matter of weeks, mainly down to time but also money. Here is a very rough indication of what happened & when, put together by looking through the folders I set up when storing the photo's I took along the way...


31st March - Purchase of car
1st April - Jet washing of underside of car & external clean & polish
6th April - First clean of interior
22nd March - Start engine bay polishing
15th June - Received first engine rebuild parts from Vauxhall
31st August - Clutch pivot pin breaks, car off the road !
27th October - Engine & Gearbox removed


21st January - Engine dismantled, engine covers being polished, turbo’s sent away
8th February - Engine block & head dismantled
11th February - Refurbished turbo’s arrive, throttle bodies disassembled
15th February - All parts ready for bead blasting, powder coating & chroming
7th March - Block returned from being sleeved, honed & painted etc.
22nd March - Chroming & powder coating returned. General engine cleaning continues
12th April - Head work almost completed along with gas flowing of inlet parts
8th May - Head re-assemble
28th May - Engine bay cleaning starts
8th June - Dismantling of car 0817G in salvage yard
3rd October - Engine cover polishing finished, more new parts arrive
9th October - Bodywork stripped of all bodykit & panels. Delivered to paintshop
16th October - Engine assembled
3rd December - Car collected from paintshop
6th December - Stone chip protection tape applied to rear bumper & sideskirts
12th December - Removal of front suspension


3rd January - Removal of rear subframes & suspension, sent to powder coaters
30th January - Brake parts arrive, bumper grilles installed, underbody parts refurbished
9th February - Powder coating returned, centre console repaired
6th March - Underside parts re-fitted. Catastrophe (workshop fire)
7th August - Car 0737D purchased
8th September - Dismantling of car 0737D at home
18th September- 2nd engine dismantled
13th October - 2nd set of brakes & turbo’s ready for refurbishment
4th November - Refurbished turbo’s arrive. Engine covers starting to be polished
21st November - Head disassemble
21st December - Interior gauges & ceramic coated manifolds arrive


16th January - 2nd set of brakes refurbished
28th January - Powder coated engine parts arrive. Brakes fitted
18th January - Engine assembled
25th February - Bodykit fitted. Wheels returned refurbished with new tyres
12th March - Engine cover polishing finished. New leads and heat shields arrive
19th March - Clutch & gearbox work completed, engine finished
9th March - Engine fitted
21st March - Finishing touches continue, clutch cylinder mods, brake air deflectors etc
29th March - Almost fully assembled & roadworthy
22nd May - Car passes its MOT
28th May - Problems with self levelling suspension fixed
4th June - First show, Performance Vauxhall Show @ Santa Pod -Wins car of show
11th June - Attends Autobahnstormer’s national weekend @ Duxford aerodrome
26th June - Photoshoot for Total Vauxhall magazine
9th July - VBOA Billing Show - Wins car of show
3rd September - Trax show @ Silverstone race circuit
29th September - Total Vauxhall Magazine feature hits the shops
3rd October - This website Launched


The car ran fine all year and attended many shows and events including a trip to the Le Mans 24hour race held in June. It rained pretty much the whole weekend which meant a good clean upon return, pictures have been added under the completed pics section of this site.


The car is is still going well (although a couple of niggly problems have arisen due to 2 failed relays and a failed viscous fan, but these were easily remedied). Its attended a few Goodwood Breakfast Club meetings and the PV and Billing shows to name but a few. The car will be also be on display at Lotus's 60th Birthday show held at the factory on the 14th September. For more info see the following website www.lotus60thanniversary.com


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