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Front Bumper

  Front bumper assembled with new grills and lower rubber skirt. Plastic front lower grill housing cleaned before assembly. All screws & washers affixing the front bumper parts are now in stainless steel.  


  All nuts, bolts & screws for attaching the bodykit are again now in stainless steel to avoid corrosion. I also made up the sideskirt square plates and the air temperature sensor bracket in stainless steel as shown.  

Door Mouldings

  Lower door moulding brackets refurbished & re- riveted back to the car. New brackets for fitting the sideskirts were fabricated & welding at the bodyshop (4th Pic). This was because the old original ones had rusted away.  

Door & Arch Mouldings

  Door mouldings fitted to the car along with new rubber beading. Literally took hours & hours to fit these to ensure everything was straight & aligned with perfect panel gaps. I'm pleased with the result as the side shots show everything perfectly straight. Also note stone chip protection already applied to panels before fitting.  

Body Panel Parts

  Sideskirts bonded to the body. Bonnet vents were fitted after the inner bonnet lining & engine was fitted. Rear spoiler & new roof aerial base fitted along with new plastic inner door covers all round.  

Bumpers & Badges

  Front bumper fitted (after again a few hours of work) ensuring it sits with the correct panel gaps. Rear bumper mounts had to be re-attached to the car following the new body panels as these had no mounting lugs for the rear bumper. In addition new rear inner arch mounts were made in stainless steel to mount the ends of the rear bumper as the original items made the bumper sit badly. Finally new badges re applied to the car, again in the correct locations.  

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