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Exhaust Heat Shields

  Exhaust heat shields located on the underside of the car at the rear were showing signs of corrosion. All rust removed & then re-painted. Boxes contain new stone chip protection tape as described below.  

Rear Bumper Stone Chip Protection

  Not all the stone chip protection tape is available from Vauxhall any more so by buying a long sideskirt piece I cut out the parts required to do the rear bumper after it had been painted.  

Fuel Pump Assembly

  Fuel pump assembly suffering from rust badly & that included the electrical connections. Upper plate & pump holder parts were re-made in stainless steel & the lower was bead blasted & powder coated. Re-assembled with stainless steel nuts, new rubbers & new fuel filter.  

Carbon Canister Bracket

  Again more rust on the carbon canister bracket, this was also re-made in stainless steel.  

Oil Cooler & Fan Parts

  Similar to the pictures shown in the floor section of this site, these pictures show work going on with the front of the car in regard to the electrical cooling fan, oil coolers & associated pipework.  

Rear Differential

  The rear diff casing was also corroding, mainly due to the original paint flaking off from heat build-up. All this was removed & then re-painted with rust preventing paint. Diff fluid was also changed once re-fitted to the car.  

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