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Removal of Front Bumper & Spoiler

  The first parts to be removed were the front bumper and rear spoiler. You can start to see how rusty things were lurking under the bodykit !!  

Door Condition

  The doors weren't in to bad a condition but there are a few rust spots creeping in, mainly on the drivers side rear door.  

Passenger Side Rear Arch

  As with all Lotus Carlton's the rear arches are the worst area's to rust due to the way the arches were modified by Lotus. These pictures show the extent of rust on the passenger side of the car.  

Drivers Side Rear Arch

  Again more rust on the drivers side, you can clearly see that a lot gets hidden by the bodykit. Fortunately on both sides of the car the sills were still in good condition  

Inner Boot Condition & Front Arches

  The first three pictures here show what you see from inside the boot area. The last two pictures show condition of the front arches. Nothing too serious here which is good.  

Overall Body

  Here's the finished article ready to go to the bodyshop for some serious surgery to repair the dreaded tin worm disease.  

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