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Initial Work

  When originally purchasing the car you can see what state the engine bay started off in, not a pretty sight! I first started T-Cutting the suspension turrets to remove the wax & reveal the original paintwork underneath.  

Engine out

  Once the engine was removed it was then a case of removing the majority of the dirt with engine de-greaser & once dried to clean each component individually. In addition I continued to bring back the paintwork by removing the wax from pretty much all parts.  

Start to Clean

  These give you an idea of the pipework that makes up the Lotus Carlton. These are for the engine cooling, air conditioning & power steering with the inclusion of some minor electrical wiring.  

Almost Finished

  These show the finished result, everything nice & clean & ready for the engine to be re-fitted. Note the new heatshields & tidying of wiring. Also all air conditioning pipes polished to give a chrome effect finish to match the other chromed parts.  

Under Bonnet & Completed Engine

  The only parts of the car not to be re-painted at the bodyshop were the underside of the bonnet and the engine bay itself as this was in good condition following my cleaning work mentioned above. Bonnet lining re-furbished & re-fitted once underside of bonnet was given a good coat of polish. Fully rebuilt engine ready to be lifted in.  

Engine Fitting

  Engine gently lowered into the engine bay. Note lots of rags & sheets so as not to damage or scratch any of the paint etc. Engine eventually all sitting back where it belongs & ancillaries could then start to be connected. Last two pictures show the finished article.  

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