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Front Suspension


Removal of Front Suspension

  Front suspension removed from the car. All disassembled for the parts to be sent off to the powder coaters. Front shock absorbers were bead blasted & then re-painted by hand with POR15 paint as they were unable to be powder coated due to the heat required for this process..  

Broken Top Mount Washers

  What seems to be a common problem with Lotus Carlton's is the destruction of the top mount washer. Mine was no different & as you can see from the pictures the centre has literally been punched out. Old washer next to a new item shown in last picture.  

Re-Design of Top Mount Washer

  When placing the new washer back in the top mount you can see why its punched its way through, a gap is noticeable & hence not supported. To this end I strengthened the new washer by turning a thicker washer to spread the load and also take up the difference in height, this was then welded to the standard item.  

Lower Wsihbones

  Front wishbones disassembled & then bead blasted & powder coated. New bushes fitted on re-assembly along with new brake deflectors made up out of a Calibra arch liner. This was required as the as old original ones were cracked & slightly melted at the end nearest the brake disc !  

Re-Fitted to Car

  Fully assembled suspension leg re-fitted to the car with some new wheel bearings thrown in for good measure.  

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