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Bodyshop Arrival

  Car was taken to S.C. Gordon's Bodyshop who specialize in Bentley restoration and repair based in Bedfordshire. Their work is of the utmost quality & it was well worth the hour and half trip to deliver the car. The car was stripped even further by removing all panels & glass for work to commence. Unfortunately S.C. Gordon now are no longer in business which is a true shame.  

Initial Disassembly

  The first eight pictures you see on this page I took when helping to take the car apart, you can see work had already begun on the rear arches. The rest of the pictures on this page I scanned from normal photo's which one of the guys took whilst it was being worked on. Was a nice surprise to know this had been done when collecting the car.  

Work on Rear arches

  More work being carried out on the rear arches. Once the rust had been chopped out it became apparent that Lotus specific panels were no longer available. Normal Carlton panels were modified where possible but the rest of the panels were hand fabricated to suit, hats off to the guys indeed.  

More Rear Arch Work

  Work continuing on the rear of the car, both inner and outer arches were replaced. In total the car was at S.C. Gordon's for just over a month whilst work was carried out.  

Final Prepping

  Arch work pretty much complete, attention turned to prep the rest of the car. Required pretty much complete removal of all original paint due to the poor factory finish !!  

Other Body Parts

  Some of the body panels being worked upon. Notice only the one sideskirt had the stone chip protection masked over (in blue) as this side was no longer available from Vauxhall. I managed to get the others new so these were removed on the rest of the panels for re-application once finished..  

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