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Underside Original

  The previous owner lived on a farm in Norfolk so you can imagine the state of the roads that the car was being driven on. So the first job when I bought the car was a good jet wash on the underside. As you can see the amount of mud that came from under the arches was amazing.  

Initial Cleaning

  The first two pictures show the extent of mud that came from underneath the car. The next couple of photo's show the initial results.  

Arches & Floor

  Now during the re-build the front & rear suspension & the sub frames were removed so it was now a lot easier to start work on the arches & the floor properly.  

Floor & Arches

  The first two pictures show the rear floor with all sub frames, suspension & components removed. The next three pics show the arches & floor painted. I used POR15 for this which gives a very strong & durable finish whilst giving good rust prevention as well. The floor & arches were given three coats in total.  

Front End

  The front end of the car was also given a similar treatment with all parts removed, cleaned & then painted before re-fitting. Arch liners were then re-fitted once the bodykit was re-attached to the car.  

Finished Pics

  And these are the completed pictures showing everything bolted back on the underside of the car including, suspension components, exhaust and heat shields & covers.  

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