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Removal of Rear Subframe

  Removal of the complete rear suspension assembly, including differential, driveshafts & all subframes.  

Subframe Parts

  Parts that make up the rear suspension now removed from the car.  

Wishbone Dismantle

  Dismantling of rear wishbones, includes removal of handbrake assembly & hubs.  

Self Levelling Pump

  The Lotus Carlton runs a self levelling suspension arrangement at the rear to ensure aerodynamics are maintained regardless of weight in the car. This is the removal and refurbishment of the air pump located just behind the passenger rear wheel. When opening up the pump the air chambers inside were clogged with corroded aluminium powder which was all cleaned out before re-assembly.  

Powder Coating & Assembly

  All parts received back from the powder coaters, a zinc based paint was used to protect the parts for the harsh environment encountered under the car, all re-assembled using new bushes & bearings. Stainless steel brackets made up to replace the rusty items for the self levelling sensor.  

Refitted to Car

  All parts re-fitted to the underside of the car once the floor had been painted.  

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